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I have taught thousands of lessons to hundreds of students since beginning my teaching business in 2003. I am a D'Angelico and Phred Instruments Guitars Artist. My latest album, Celebration of Soul, was the last of a 10 albums in 3 years series. It was the first to be on a record label and receive national FM radio play. I teach privately in students homes as well as in my Morningside Park location. I teach beginner guitar lessons and also work with advanced players looking for their next steps in music.

I have found regular, weekly guitar lessons to be a very effective way to learn music. From personal experience, I know that often a guitar lesson was the highlight of my day when I was studying with my teachers. I see great results in all my students. It is really a gift of being a teacher to see people work every week on their goals and move forward. One hour lessons, a weekly schedule and creating practice time lead to getting better and better at the guitar. 

In addition to regular guitar lessons I also offer 8 week focused studies of Music Theory, Guitar Technique and Modes of the Major Scale. 

You can also connect with me on social media where I do daily guitar lesson and performance streams. I answer questions for free from people around the world on Periscope, Twitter etc. Look for me at @JoshuaMaxey or /JoshuaMaxey on Facebook. 

Beginner to Advanced Guitar Lessons

Juilliard Rodney Jones Reference Letter

Juilliard Rodney Jones Reference Letter

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