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I have taught thousands of lessons to hundreds of students since beginning my teaching business in 2003. I am a D'Angelico and Phred Instruments Guitars Artist. My latest album, Celebration of Soul, was the last of a 10 albums in 3 years series. It was the first to be on a record label and receive national FM radio play. I teach privately in students homes as well as in my Morningside Park location. I teach beginner guitar lessons and also work with advanced players looking for their next steps in music.

I have found regular, weekly guitar lessons to be a very effective way to learn music. From personal experience, I know that often a guitar lesson was the highlight of my day when I was studying with my teachers. I see great results in all my students. It is really a gift of being a teacher to see people work every week on their goals and move forward. One hour lessons, a weekly schedule and creating practice time lead to getting better and better at the guitar. 

In addition to regular guitar lessons I also offer 8 week focused studies of Music Theory, Guitar Technique and Modes of the Major Scale. 

You can also connect with me on social media where I do daily guitar lesson and performance streams. I answer questions for free from people around the world on Periscope, Twitter etc. Look for me at @JoshuaMaxey or /JoshuaMaxey on Facebook. 

Beginner to Advanced Guitar Lessons

Juilliard Rodney Jones Reference Letter

Juilliard Rodney Jones Reference Letter

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8 Week Lesson Packages

8 Week Intro To Guitar Lesson Series

Anyone can learn to play the guitar well. You can achieve your goals on the guitar and learn a little more every week. My 8 week Intro To Guitar is designed to give a beginner the basics they need and a very strong foundation. The lessons are weekly and held in your home, Skype or my Morningside Park location.

  • The 12 most common chords that are in hundreds of songs
  • Understanding rhythm
  • Warm ups and technique studies
  • First two songs
  • Left & right hand technique
  • Strumming
  • Reading tablature (written guitar music)
  • Single note melodies & Riffs

8 Week Intro to Music Theory 

Many of the intermediate to advanced guitar students I work with lack a clear understanding of music theory. My series of 8 weekly lessons on music theory is designed to give you the basics you need to write out all major and minor keys, understand and analyze functional harmony, study intervals and more. We can go at your pace and taylor the lesson plan to your needs. 

  • Major Scale: The steps & writing them a hundred times
  • Part II: Fat Cats and introduction to Triads
  • Part III: Intro to functional harmony and triads 
  • Part IV: Triad + one non triad tone exercise
  • Part V: Analyze songs for functional harmony 
  • Part VI: Comparing the intervals of Major and Dorian
  • Part VII: Write out 7th chords, introduce Relative Minor
  • Part VIII: Review

8 Week Guitar Technique Intensive

My 8 lesson guitar technique intensive is focused on getting the physical movements of playing the guitar measurably better in a short amount of time. My goal is to help each student have an easier time making progress. I've seen the same couple of issues crop up with many, many students over the years. I've developed exercises and techniques to help with the most common barriers people run into physically on the instrument. 

Areas addressed are:

  • Picking technique: alternate picking
  • Picking technique: directional picking and sweep picking
  • Picking technique: finding your most economical motion
  • Picking technique: angle and sound
  • Left hand: major scale Introduction
  • Left hand: warm ups
  • Left hand: scale exercises
  • How to use the metronome 

The course is meant for any level of student. Beginners will build a foundation that will last for years as they expand. Intermediate and advanced students will address specific issues slowing them down and set a course to playing at the level they are aiming for.

8 Week In Depth Study Of Modes

I am asked all the time about modes. My course is designed to cover all the modes of the major scale in a systematic and step by step way. For me, modes are a means to an end. They give the opportunity to talk about how chords are built, discuss how intervals characterize the sound of a scale or chord, and the study is great for ear training. 

Modes give more choices to play over the chords you use all the time. You'll understand the 7 modes of the major scale and how to apply them to songs, jams or your original music. 

  • The Major Scale, Shape 1
  • Dorian
  • Phrygian, scale 2
  • Lydian, scale 3
  • Mixolydian
  • Aeloian, scale 4
  • Locrian, scale 5
  • Changing keys, recognizing the key a song is in, choosing what sound to play on a chord


45 minute Weekly Lesson Pricing: 

Trial Lesson is a reduced price of $50 so you can be sure you are happy with the lessons. From there, I ask that lessons be paid for 4 at a time. Trial lesson is for students looking for continuing weekly lessons.

In Your Home: $260 for 4 lessons.

My Location at Manhattan Ave. & 114: $240 for 4 lessons.

In Home Small Group Classes: Add a friend/family member to learn together and save for additional $100. 

Non-Weekly Lessons or One Off Lessons: $100 in your home $85 at my location


1/2 Hour Guitar Lesson for kids Pricing:

In Your Home: $240 for 4 Half Hour Lessons

My Location at Manhattan Ave. & 114: $220 for 4 Half Hour Lessons

*Lessons for kids beyond 30 minutes are prorated 


8 Week Class Series Pricing:

In Your Home: $520

My Location at Manhattan Ave. & 114: $480

Skype Lessons: $530


Skype Pricing:

6 Skype/FaceTime/Facebook: $400

1 at a time: $75


Cancellation Policy:

I have a 7 day cancellation policy and confirm with each person for the next week at the end of each lesson. I ask that lessons cancelled without 7 day notice count. 

"Josh is a great teacher. In the several weeks I've been taking lessons with him, I've already seen a huge improvement in my playing ability. Josh is fun to work with and great at explaining things. He even managed to fix most of my bad habits--stuff I'd been doing wrong for years--within the first couple of weeks. Highly recommended." Paul B. Denver, CO

"Josh is an incredible teacher. He is patient, encouraging and yet challenges your current skill level. He fits his teaching to your tastes in music but adds a new dimension through his dazzling playing skill. My wife and I went to one of his shows recently at Bauer's Listening Lounge and had one of our best 'date nights' in a long time. We soaked in the groove of his quartet for a couple hours, thoroughly enjoying it. I actually chose Josh in part because he is a performer not just a teacher. I have had teachers that do not perform and found them to be uninspiring. Josh is everything they were not.

He is also very accommodating of your schedule and I love that he comes to my house rather than making me drive anywhere. I am much more at ease here which is important to him and to me. Clearly I can't say enough good about Josh because I am SUPER happy with how far I've come under his guidance. I am sure you will be happy with Josh. Give him a call." Larry C. Morrison, CO

"Josh is an excellent teacher that has the skill and the background to help you become a better guitar player. It was important to me to find someone that can play and who has a passion for music. Aside from being a awesome guitarist, he is a very kind person." Joey Justin L. Denver, CO

"Josh is a great teacher, and works with his students to real cater the lessons to each individual's musical taste and musical goals. I would recommend getting lessons from him regardless of playing style and ability." Travis G. Westminster, CO

"Josh is the only teacher I have come across that was able to tailor my needs to his teaching style. He was happier for my success than I was." Rick P. Morrison, CO

"I'm an experienced guitar player in the blues and rock vein, and wanted to stretch my ears and abilities into jazz. Josh is the perfect teacher for this, because he plays all those genres, and knows how to blend them. He's patient, and tailors the lessons to the individual. Whether you are an experienced guitar player or beginner, Josh will help you play better, and make it fun." Mike M. Centennial, CO

"I am a college student studying jazz and I was looking for someone to take lessons with all summer and ended up finding Josh's website. Immediately after listening to a few of his recordings, I knew I wanted to study with Josh. He is one of the few guitar players right now whose sound really captured part of what I want to convey on the guitar. Although I live in New Jersey, I was able to do video lessons with Josh and learned as much as I would doing it in person. Josh is a great teacher who prepares for each students needs. He really helped me to expand my harmonic, and rhythmic language and kept challenging me throughout. I would definitely recommend lessons with Josh to guitar players of any level of playing." -John N. New Jersey 
"I have been taking skype/video lessons with Josh for almost 3 months now. As a recent graduate of college, I'm not sure where I'm headed or where I might end up. Luckily, I have the advantage of being able to stay consistent with Josh's guitar lessons, despite the inconsistencies of my post-grad life. I highly recommend skype guitar lessons if you have some knowledge of music, but need someone to fill in the gaps for you. When I started lessons with Josh, I had been a self-taught guitar player for the past year. I knew chords but didn't really understand the theory behind what I was doing in relation to the guitar itself. I came to Josh with a plethora of questions and he has been extremely patient and helpful---even from a distance. After each lesson, he emails or texts me full pages of notes from the lesson so that I can continue practicing and processing on my own time. Josh is an awesome listener and an even better teacher! Take skype lessons with him!!!" -Catiana B. Boston, MA
"Josh is a fantastic teacher-musician who has a low-key yet diligent approach to teaching guitar. He not only trains you in the basics in technique and reading music but also inspires you to develop your own musicality. My daughter has taken beginner guitar lessons with Josh for the past two years (she's now 11) and from his teaching she has the confidence, skills and curiosity to search for and try out the music for songs from a range of decades. I highly recommend Josh Maxey as a guitar teacher." - Ann B. Roosevelt Island, NYC
"When my son was eight years old, a year has gone by since he gave up the last guitar lesson that he was struggling with, I asked if he was ready for giving guitar another try. He was hesitant, but he said ok nevertheless. I started doing research online, surfing through numerous websites, hoping to find a good guitar musician who can teach kids this time.  I came across Josh Maxey's website, emailed back and forth, and arranged the trial class. The rest of the four years is history. Today, my son is 12 years old, he is still taking guitar lessons with Josh regularly; and more importantly, guitar has become my son's friend. He plays when he is happy and plays when he is sad; he plays when he is alone and he plays when he has applauses. I am glad to see that guitar and music has become an important component of my son's life while he starts his teen years.  Josh has made it happened. Now my son has a play at his school and needs to play several different songs. Josh has taken my son step by step in learning these songs, now my son knows the song as well as the back of his hand. Josh has been a major part in my child's life and will definitely benefit whoever is willing to take his lessons. He started out as a beginner and is now a confident musician and can play with others." - YingYing C. Manhattan, NYC

"Through a friend's recommendation, I began guitar lessons for my son when he was only 7. He was a beginner. Over one year later, he and Josh are going strong and my son has even picked up the electric guitar! With the lessons conveniently conducted in our apt, I get the pleasure of listening to my child learn a second language - the language of music. Josh is patient, methodic and quite effective with kids. He strikes just the right balance in teaching between discipline and attention to detail and plain old fun. I would recommend his lessons for students of any age." - Linda S. Manhattan, NYC


Why take lessons? There is YouTube, Tab web sites, and countless books dedicated to presenting information about the guitar, so how can a teacher help you rather than learning by yourself?

Nothing beats sitting down with someone who is equally adept at playing the guitar and explaining how it is done. A classic axiom in any endeavor is to find someone that has the results that you want and learn how you can do what they did. Benefits of weekly lessons are: weekly goals and exercises, encouragement, feedback, new ideas and viewpoints about the guitar, and personalized clear instructions to help you take your next step on the guitar. In beginner guitar lessons, I bring each person step by step along the path to becoming a great guitar player.

Lessons are fun! I look forward to teaching and know from personal experience that a guitar lesson can sometimes be the high point of the day.

Teaching Approach:

I believe that anyone can learn to play the guitar well. It is absolutely possible for you to learn the guitar for the first time if you are a  beginner or to take you next step in music if you are an advanced player. I have a relaxed and focused attitude about lessons.There is no pressure, nothing to be nervous about. I believe it is myjob to help you to attain your goals in music. I balance teaching your favorite songs with exercises that will help you improve so that your technical or mechanical aspects of playing guitar get better and better. Lessons for beginners are low key and always step by step. Every curriculum is different depending on the student, but the fundamentals of music are always covered.

How often are the lessons:

I have seen good success with students doing once a week lessons coupled with practicing 3 or 4 days a week for 30 minutes or more. 

Can I do lessons less than once a week?

Yes, the cost for non weekly lessons is listed above. 

Electric vs. Acoustic Guitars

Common wisdom might say "it is good to start with an acoustic guitar, because it is harder, then you'll 'really' be learning and you can work your way up to an electric."

I'm not a fan of that bit of common wisdom. I think it is best to start with an instrument that is easy enough to play that the guitar itself is not working against you. I usually suggest getting an inexpensive electric guitar because they are easier to play.

How much practice does it take to get better?

Consistency is what is important! I think if you can play 3 or 4 days a week for about 45 minutes each time, you are doing great. It is better do to 3 days for 30 minutes than one day for an hour and a half. Also, for both beginner guitar lessons and advanced players, what is important is the quality of practice time. Sometimes I am able to accomplish some really good work in less than a half hour. Quality is a good thing!

Guitars in my location:

I have guitars you can use. You can choose acoustic or electric. Most everyone brings their own, but you have the option.

Payment options?

You can pay cash, check, Venmo or click on store here on my site to make payment.