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“I am a huge fan of the Phred Instruments Dockstar. It has helped me to get some sounds that I’ve been hearing for decades but never found in the guitars I had before. The best thing about it is that I genuinely enjoy playing it. 


"Josh Maxey is a Denver Jazz Guitar player who shares with us his musical background; how hearing John Coltrane changed everything; his relationship with Jazz  greats Chico Hamilton and Rodney Jones; and how – in three years – he’s released ten CD’s resulting in over 50 original tunes with twenty musicians! An inspiring and entertaining read."

05-12-2017 - Interview on

"I immediately dug Josh’s compositional flavor and found that his guitar voice ran the gamut of contemporary Jazz Guitar while retaining the traditional spirit of those who came before him."

04-11-2016 - Review of Celebration of Soul, JazzGuitarLife by Lyle Robinson

"Josh Maxey is a cerebral guitarist who is willing to challenge jazz conventions, with his own vision of the music, which may not prove to be “everyone’s cup of tea” as the saying goes. Nevertheless Celebration Of Soul  will undoubtedly find an audience that is willing to climb on board the train of this venturesome guitarist."

11-26-2015 - Review of Celebration of Soul, Audiophile Audition by Pierre Giroux

"The rhythm section creates a deep pocket on “Cycles of Sound,” with Maxey sounding in control yet exciting throughout. Toe tappers!"

11-12-2015 - Review of Celebration of Soul, JazzWeekly by George W. Harris

"The compositions are by Josh and they have a staying kind of constancy. His solo work is quite good, too. It's music that comes through with excitement and yes, a soulful expressivity."

11-02-2015 - Review of Celebration of Soul, GapplegateGuitar by Grego Applegate Edwards

"Celebration of Soul is an edgy, upbeat piece. It’s like sounds one might expect from a hybrid of the Chick Corea Elektric Band, Fourplay and Tom Scott. Maxey, Charette and Baird take turns out front, with Noller firmly engaged throughout."

10-10-2015 - Review of Celebration of Soul, TheJazzWriter, by Woodrow Wilkins

"Guitarist Maxey brings the listener back to the primal element of soul...."

09-29-2015 - Review of Celebration of Soul, by JazzChill 

"As the face of jazz expands, involving a metamorphosis of sorts, I was relieved to hear a recording that celebrates the soul of fusion, funk and straight ahead with organ, guitar and drums standing strong in center stage."

09-20-2015 - Review of Celebration of Soul, DeeDeesJazzDiary by Dee Dee Mcneil

"Maxey makes an impression as both composer and guitarist on the whole program. "Culmination" evokes the spirit of John Coltrane, one of Maxey's stated influences."

09-18-2015 - Review of Celebration of Soul, AllAboutJazz by Mark Sullivan

"The organ trio is the chosen vehicle for his guitar voice. He plays jazz infusing the feeling and power of the blues. His influences include John Coltrane and Jimmy Page and although he plays songs he loves to smear them together into extended suites.

09-14-2015 - Radio Interview for JazzNewEngland by Gordon Forman

"This is leader, kick-ass guitarist, Maxey's 10th release and, like the previous nine, features his original compositions."

09-13-2015 - Review of Celebration of Soul, BebopSpokenHere by Lance Liddle

"Guitarist Maxey’s music always had an ethereal component to its sound, often bolstered by tempos that came with their own set of wings."

09-01-2015 - Review of Celebration of Soul, BirdIsTheWorm by Dave Sumner

"Maxey is a fluid and melodic player whose solos flow with grace and whose fills blend beautifully with the group or current soloist’s lead."

09-01-2015 - WTJU FM, New Jazz by Dave Rogers

"Add Josh Maxey to the long list of guitarists who have changed the music itself. His tenth CD in the last three years is enlarging the vocabulary for six-stringed jazz."

08-21-2015 - Review of Celebration of Soul, Classicalite by Mike Greenblatt

"In the midst of the numerous sounds any jazz listener can be exposed to, it's hard for a performer to distinguish themselves from the crowd. Guitarist Josh Maxey,in an undoubtable effort of seeking original sounds, has taken up that challenge since 2011 and composed ten albums."

08-01-2014 - Review of Completing The Cycle, AllAboutJazz by Medhi El Mouden

"Maxey has offered up a series of remarkable sets, distinguishable from one another, yet clearly springing from the same creative source.  Differentiation, yet maintaining cohesion. Modern jazz that’s clearly beholden to the blues, Maxey has carved out a nice little corner of the music world with his identifiable sound."

01-31-2013 - Interview for BirdIsTheWorm by Dave Sumner

"Interestingly, there is more of an emphasis on atmospherics than developing a groove, something that works in the album’s favor.  If Maxey played build-a-funky-groove with Charette on organ, his guitar’s voice would get needlessly bogged down.  Instead, Maxey lets Charette develop the earth part of the tunes while letting his guitar take to the skies.  The result is a jazz-blues mix more akin to the wide open desert landscapes than late night jazz clubs."

07-02-2012 - Review of Approach, BirdIsTheWorm by Dave Sumer

"Sometimes it's all about setting the tone. If done right, if the musician finds a way to indelibly stamp the album's vision in those brief opening moments, no matter what comes after, those notes are imprinted on the listener's ears."

04-28-2012 - Review of The Language of Sound and Spirit, AllAboutJazz by Dave Sumer

"Approach is the second album in an extended suite of six. Maxey falls into the uber-productive category with his plan to release the suite within two years. I have a hard time wrapping my head around this musical feat."

11-16-2011 - Review of Approach, TalesOfARedClayRambler by Ben Carter

"The musicians....draw influence from masters such as Rodney Jones and Grant Green. These grooves are mellow overall, ranging from laid back to intense moments as skills are shown on solo performances led by each creative and original composition. "

11-01-2011 - Review of Approach, CratesOfJr, by JR

"Maxey's brush strokes throughout encompass textures and emotions of a musical masterpiece of many colors that highlight his ability as a prolific musician." – Bob Morello, Boston Post Gazette

"Add Josh Maxey to the long list of guitarists who have changed the music itself. His tenth CD in the last three years is enlarging the vocabulary for six-stringed jazz."– Mike Greenblatt, Classicalite