Josh Maxey is based in Brighton, CO. You’ll find 10+ albums under his name (Apple Music/Spotify/Bandcamp) and on NYC jazz label, Miles High Records. His music has been played around the world on jazz radio and positively received by jazz critics. Josh teaches full time one on one online private lessons and group classes as a part of his Guitar Heads School. Classes currently offered: Modes 1.0 & 2.0, Core Changes 1.0 & 2.0, Guitar Heads Modes 1.0 & 2.0, Beginners Theory, and Jazz Guitar Heads. Josh created and curates Phish Guitar Heads, an online guitar study community with 3500+ members. 

Josh helps to design instruments and run Maxey Archtops. The guitars are fine luthier made instruments featuring hand carved tops, backs and bent sides in the tradition of the very best archtop guitars in history. 

Brighton, CO by 168 Ave and 76. 

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A truly happy moment! Trey gave a shoutout to Phish Guitar Heads during the Beacon Jams series. It's been a couple years, but I'm still giddy. I organized a collation for a donation for The Divided Sky Foundation, and we were all very happy to take part. To hear Trey shouting out this thing that I started, and we all have contributed so much to was the best! Thanks, Trey. 

I am very happy to share that I am a featured artist for Phred Instruments. Check out the site, to see the DockStar model I play. I am a big fan of the guitars and happy to be a part of the Phred family, taboot! See the Artist Feature _here_. (2018)

Celebration of Soul

Josh Maxey

Celebration of Soul is the 10th album recorded in three years with 20 musicians documenting 50 original compositions. It is the first album to be released on a label, NYC's Miles High Records.
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Happy to annouce that I am now a D'Angelico Artist along with Bob Weir, Kurt Rosenwinkel and many other amazing musicians. Their guitars are wonderful and inspiring to play. Happy and grateful to be connected to D'Angelico. (2016)




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"Add Josh Maxey to the long list of guitarists who have changed the music itself. His tenth CD in the last three years is enlarging the vocabulary for six-stringed's the more reflective moments that give one pause to consider Maxey as a potential great."

Mike Greenblatt

"About that project… with the goal of recording six albums in a twelve month span, Maxey has offered up a series of remarkable sets, distinguishable from one another, yet clearly springing from the same creative source.  Differentiation, yet maintaining cohesion.

Modern jazz that’s clearly beholden to the blues, Maxey has carved out a nice little corner of the music world with his identifiable sound."

Dave Sumner

"Sophisticated yet demure...even sublime at times, Maxey has embodied the culture of his experiences into a captivating collection that reinvents the wheel, over and over again. This is one collection of beauty & art through jazz that will not disappoint. Even the most critical of ears will find that this is a must have."

Cicily Janus
Aurthor, The New Face of Jazz