Phish Guitar Heads - Home of the online Phish Guitar Community 

“That's my group! C'mon man!” - Trey A.

“PGH is pretty much the only reason I'm still on Facebook. The wealth of knowledge that the members have and share is unparalleled amoung guitar groups and forums. Even non Phish/non-Trey players should be able to soak up plenty of info about so many aspects of playing guitar as well as the insturment itself, amps, effects and the like. Just a wonderfully comprehensive resource." RJ. M.

Phish Guitar Heads is a 3500+ member study group for musicians and the home of the online Phish guitar community. It functions as a 24/7 free music workshop where our members ask questions, share playing, lessons, and hard won insights about advancing as musicians and gear. 

Phish Guitar Heads started in February of 2019. In the time prior to PGH, there were a few of us that posted guitar playing videos in a large non musician phish fan group on Facebook. I started to organize with that group and we would pick a song to play and share together. That went on for a couple months and died down. A while later there were a couple musician related post and on two occasions someone said “Josh Maxey should start a Phish guitar group”. It didn’t take much to convince me! On a break between travel lessons on the UWS of Manhattan, at a favorite spot by 90th st, I sat down and made the group. It’s been a truly rewarding journey. I often say I learn and benefit the most from being the admin. It’s incredible to see how much people give and I know for a fact that the knowledge they are sharing takes a lifetime of work to understand. Seeing it freely shared is beautiful. 

You can join here, just fill out the group questions and you’re in! 

“The only reason to log into Facebook.” - Rick C.

“The Helping Friendly guitar team. Because this is the exact opposite of every other guitar orientated FB group. THE only guitar group out there where everyone is nice, helpful and encouraging.” - Kyle A.

“Even though I'm a keys player the group keeps me inspired to work on new songs and helps me better appreciate what my band mates are doing.” Ben R.

“The uber-high human to wook ratio is rare on many Phish related pages.” Doug L. 

“Thank you for this psace that insprired me to believe more in myself, take chances, share my music in a safe and supportive enviroment, and eventually start playing out! It has trasnformed my life and I am forever grateful!” Adam B.

“Beginner or long time player, this group can educate those who have a great love of phish riffs. From effects, guitar picks, strings, guitar work, and most importantly, ”how does Trey do that", this group is a great community of Guitar Phans." Ed G. 

“Best group of internet freinds I've ever met.” TGarrett W. 

“This is the type of group that if you post a screenshot, you won't get ripped apart for the battery life remaining.” Vince T. 

'I love the positivity and community of this group. It’s literally the most refreshing and wholesome thing I have on Facebook, and it’s a great place to get inspired by other’s playing and knowledge." Wes H.

“No drama or nonsense like literally every other group on FB (not just PH related ones either!).” Mark G.

“Love, the fact that we all have a passion for the same thing and all are crazy about his guitar and His tone. Thats that’s what makes the phish community so great.” David E.

“I love to see how everyone is geeking out on all things phish music related, teaching each other, sharing insights, perspectives and gear insights.” Robert S.

“Good constructive help and discussion.” Garth F.

“Pham.” Mike K.

"I love having an endless library of inspiration to tap into." Jack W.

“It's a phamily where nobody knows where where Harry goes when the lights go out, but we know it's time for the meat stick! We may punch you in the eye and tell you to hold your head up. But always…You can find someone to give you advice on how to improve your bathtub gin recipe. Plus, guitar stuff!” Gwen G.

“An environment with nothing but positivity and support from all its members!” Keith G.

“Positivity !!!!!” Steve F.

“I love having like minded people in search of perfect tone and I’ve learned a ton on this channel Thanks so much Josh!” AlexC.

“I love that just when I think you guys are the best, you do one better. Some of those Reba jams were got me in my feels!” Bryan S.

“All the positive vibes and zero drama. Everyone is supportive no matter what level of playing a person is at.” BP M.

“We’re all cut from the same cloth, and that cloth has donuts on it!” Matt B.

“A page that actually inspired me to get up and play something meaningful! And record and share it! Crazy!” Joe M.

“Things I like about PGH…While we all play at different levels, there’s equality and encouragement. Knowledge is shared respectfully. There’s no big heads or trolls, just community. I love that folks offer gear to the group before they post it publicly. It’s like a “keep it in the family” gesture.” Aaron V.

“I love improvisation and Phish, and this group helps me learn about both." Tyler W.

Here's an example of the musicianship in Phish Guitar Heads! 25 of our memebers (with another 30 in the part 2 video) playing over the same backing track. 

I end up hearing just about evertything that is posted in the group. Seeing how others play the music gives insights to one of my favorite bands, but also how we all process, internalize and then create from our influences. I think of this musical connection as ‘lineage’. Connecting with so many others heading in the same directing is so rewarding.