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I have been teaching private guitar lessons since 2003. I work with beginners showing the basics in a straightforward manner so they can start playing the music they love. Along with beginner to advanced studies of theory, technique and song learning, I specialize in improvisation based on Jazz tradition, Phish Guitar Lessons and the Grateful Dead. I am the creator of Phish Guitar Heads, a FB learning community with almost 2800+ members. #ICallDogLog

I believe anyone can learn to play the guitar well. I have found regular, weekly guitar lessons to be a very effective way to learn music. From personal experience on both sides, I know that often a guitar lesson can be a highlight of the day. Getting to see the people I work with take steps toward their goals every week is always an inspiration.

In addition to in person lessons in Colorado, I work with people around the country in online lessons. Guitar Heads Lessons offers classes and private one on one online study of Theory, Modes, Chord Changes and Jazz Guitar. 

You can connect with me on social media where I post daily lessons and guitar videos.

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